April 24-26, 2018

Houston, TX


About Event

Oil & Gas Supply Chain Compliance started in 2011 with one simple concept: How can we bring Compliance and Global Supply Chain leaders together to collaborate on overcoming the core challenges they are facing?

The evolution of the conference has mirrored that of the supply chain compliance field over the past seven years. In 2011, we started with the road to compliance, moving on to enforcing compliance from the top, then how middle management can spread compliance across all corners of the organization and at all levels. The focus then examined practical examples of compliance across the Global Supply Chain (GSC). The 2018 conference will now laser in on how trade compliance and ethics are being ever more tightly integrated into the supply chain to support more advanced FCPA/anti-corruption programs, along with practical strategies for improving implementation throughout the supply chain.

2018 program highlights include:

  • Exploring the major evolving risks in the supply chain; Integrating trade and human rights with more advanced anti-corruption compliance
  • Optimizing the design and implementation of trade compliance programs to protect against key import/export, comprehensive and targeted sanctions, trade controls, anti-boycott, anti-dumping, anti-trust and ultimate beneficial ownership risks
  • Understanding the barriers to implementation in the Supply Chain and improving the uptake of programs through cultural shifts, training, accountability and automation
  • Better risk assessment and mitigating risks arising from increasing 3rd party interactions; including reputational, financial, data privacy, cybersecurity and IP
  • The growing importance of sustainability, ethics and integrity, including focuses on forced labor and the UK Modern Slavery Act
  • Government perspectives on priorities, investigations and enforcement actions
  • Understanding specific Supply Chain challenges in high-risk and complex territories, Including Russia, Venezuela, Kurdistan, Iran, Mexico and Latin America

In addition, the 2018 pre-conference workshops will delve more deeply into:

  • Workshop A: Exploring and overcoming challenges for 3rd party due diligence in Mexico
  • Workshop B: Evolving governance processes, structure and benchmarking of trade and anti-corruption compliance within the sector
  • Workshop C: Are we actually on top of Incoterms?