About Us

Our objective is to help create a network of professionals working on the management, design and implementation of compliance programs within focused legal disciplines and/or major industry sectors.

Our brand promise:

  • You know the regulation, now we’ll help you tailor and improve your response and program implementation. Expect to meet peers who are working on exactly the same challenges as you.
  • With no one answer to compliance solutions our events provide the opportunity to hear from a variety of organizations and different approaches. We host open and honest conversations designed to drive the industry forward.
  • We recognize that value of the learning comes from you the audience as much as our speakers. Our agendas have a large emphasis on interaction and peer group learning.
  • We are operator-led, we don’t have a product or service to sell. For us a good event is one where you take away practical and immediately implementable insights.
  • You set the agenda. We undertake industry research to identify the topics most pertinent to you over the next 12 months and ensure our agendas are timely, relevant and business-critical.

Hanson Wade has many years of experience hosting niche strategic and technical meetings in the oil and gas sector in Houston. Unlike many other event organizers, we’re proud to have stuck with the sector through thick and thin and to ensure the content of our meetings are structured to support the sector in a lower-for-longer energy pricing environment.