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& Positioning for Future Growth

April 25-27, 2017

Houston, TX


Workshop A
Tuesday April 25, 2017

09:30 - 12:30

End-To-End Risk Categorization & Attributes for Commercial Third Party Onboarding

Workshop Leader: Marta Martini, Global Channels Compliance Leader, GE Oil & Gas


Understanding how risk categorization and corresponding attributes are important in managing overall risk with partners across the supply chain is key to ensure compliance acts as the first line of defense for your business. From onboarding all the way through to renewal of the relationship, GE Oil & Gas will present their models for categorizing risk from a compliance perspective.

This workshop is structured to provide detailed information and strategies that will support the interactive afternoon workshop on better onboarding third parties and background checks.

Participate to learn how GE Oil & Gas approach:

• End-to-end onboarding, due diligence, lifecycle management, monitoring and risk assessment

• Commercial rationale, risk categorization of partners

• Risk attributes of partners and impacts on partner candidates from an approval and contractual processes perspective

• Commercial and compliance vetting

Marta Martini, Global Channels Compliance Leader, GE Oil & Gas


Workshop B
Tuesday April 25, 2017

13:30 - 16:30

Interactive Practical Session: Better Onboarding Third Parties & Background Checks

Workshop Leader: Vanessa Rossi, FCPA Due Diligence Compliance Counsel, Baker Hughes


Whilst companies have similar processes in place to support the on-boarding of third parties and conducting of background checks, there are interesting differences in the way that this is carried out internally. These differences depend on risk tolerance, resources and unique geographical considerations.

This hands-on workshop will provide an opportunity to get to the core of these subtly different approaches and will provide an opportunity to issue-spot compliance red flags in background check reports.

Participate in small groups to issue-spot compliance red flags in sample background check reports and questionnaires

• Discuss with other participants which red flags are too risky to overcome and which can be mitigated and how

• Review how to best document mitigation steps and build into future on-boarding and background checks

• Review how to collaborate with your background check vendor so you receive a report customized for your company’s needs

Vanessa Rossi, FCPA Due Diligence Compliance Counsel, Baker Hughes


Vanessa started at Baker Hughes as the FCPA Due Diligence Compliance Counsel in January 2015. Reporting directly to the Chief Compliance Officer, she is responsible for the implementation, administration, and continuous improvement of the non-U.S. third party FCPA Due Diligence compliance program. In that role, she also collaborates frequently with the attorneys at Baker Hughes that manage FCPA investigations and audits, trade compliance, immigration and, most recently, supply chain. Prior to Baker Hughes, she was an attorney for Sysco for 11 years with the last three years of her time at Sysco leading the corporate compliance program which included FCPA, policy management, environmental compliance and other
compliance areas.