April 25th-28th 2016 Houston | USA


Sponsorship Opportunities

As we look forward to 2016 I think you’ll agree that a lot of the conversation over the recent years about compliance in business has centered around ‘tone from the top’ and why it’s important to build a ‘culture of compliance’.

We’ve heard from our community of over 5000 compliance professionals that this has largely been a box ticked in most organisations. Where compliance is really falling down, especially in supply chain, procurement and logistics, is middle management.

The time for talk has come and gone, now it’s time for supply chain leaders to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in to the practical implementation of a compliance program.

It’s clear now that there needs to be a real practical adoption of compliance as the right way to operate within oil and gas supply chains at every level of the organisation, and simplification of this process is key.

As such in 2015 we’re focusing on putting words into action.

We’re focusing on hearing from Oil and Gas firms who are nailing compliance in their business all over the world, and of course, educating others how they can do the same.

We’re really excited to be working again this year with 100 Chief Compliance Officers, General Counsel, VPs of Compliance as well as VPs and Directors of Supply Chain, logistics, and procurement form the oil and gas industry in Houston in April.




What’s your role in Supply Chain Compliance?

3PL – position yourself as the partner of choice in the oil and gas space. Do you have the expertise to understand local culture and laws, act ethically, legally, and cost effectively on behalf of O&G firms and be their partner of choice? Do you have the ability to help O&G firms in the way they approach their supply chains. Can you help them optimize their supply chain and maintain compliance?

GRC – do you have the platform to help O&G firms revolutionize the way they embed and maintain compliance in their supply chains? It’s no longer just for the compliance department to push on the organisation, can you give the practical tools needed to the business units – supply chain, logistics, procurement – for them to remain compliant/see compliance as an efficiency.


Pre-Event GOAL: Generating “Pull” & Insight

Attendees pre-disposed to engage with you – your team armed with insight to hold
meaningful business conversation

  •  Integration within main agenda
  • Creating pre-sold attendees
  • Vital buying cycle intelligence provided
  • Bespoke audience build


At-Event GOAL: Relationship Building

Deliver your message through custom-built engagement on the agenda – spend time effectively; uncovering need, generating pipeline, cementing relationships

  •  Stage time
  • VIP lunches with key prospects
  • Facilitate discussion groups
  •  Introduction service


Post-Event GOAL: Securing New Clients

Ranking of prospects – generating post-event “pull” and lasting engagement

  • Prospect ranking and analysis
  • 3  touch communication system with attendees

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