Leadership Exchange Pre Conference: Tuesday April 23

The Supply Chain Compliance Leadership Exchange is an opportunity for team leaders and program managers to step back from the day-to-day and reflect on their strategy and management challenges. It’s called an Exchange as it’s all about peer-to-peer discussion, debate and learning. This session is not power-point-led, but participant-led. Our expert facilitators will help guide the conversation, lead group discussions and audience feedback, as well as summarize key takeaways from each session.

This afternoon program will consist of 5 Exchange sessions as well as offer an opportunity for networking
with other senior leaders over lunch and evening drinks. Join us, join the conversation.

This session is only open to in-house legal and compliance teams from across the supply chain.

12:00 pm Welcome to Leadership Exchange for Supply Chain Compliance 2019

  • Melissa Bohannon Director – Trade Compliance, Logistics & Global Supply Chain, Weatherford
  • Dan Chapman Former Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer , Independent Consultant
  • Sergio Leal Compliance Officer, Bilfinger North America


Session leaders will open by sharing their thoughts on: Leadership Priorities for Supply Chain Compliance 2019

12:20 pm Evidencing Compliance & Demonstrating Control to Regulators


• Developing strategies to thrive in an increasingly aggressive regulatory environment
• Managing documentation and processes to make data accessible to regulators
• Integrating third party support and new technologies like blockchain to facilitate record keeping

1:05 pm Lunch

1:35 pm Predicting Changes in Regulation as a Result of Trade Wars


• Anticipating and planning for varying and selectively enforced sanctions
• Building robust, flexible and future-proof compliance programs
• Strategies for communication with management and the supply chain

2:25 pm Mitigating Business Risk through Rapid Responses to Sanctions


• Managing politically-induced grey areas and stop-start sanction conditions
• Strategies for effective communication and training across the business
• Designing compliance programs to gain internal customer buy-in

3:10 pm Refreshments

3:40 pm Evaluating Strategies for Optimal Information Flow


• Progress made towards process-driven compliance
• Keeping staff current on compliance standards and requirements
• Designing training programs to balance agility and caution in supply chain decision making
• Implementing tools for real-time monitoring of information

4:30 pm Obtaining Supply Chain Buy-In – Getting a Seat at the Table


• Moving beyond compliance as a stumbling block towards a role as a development partner
• Maintaining a profile once regulatory action has been forgotten
• Communicating the value of compliance to supply chain teams; how can we measure ROI?

5:15 pm Networking Evening