8:00 am Welcome & Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Jay Martin Associate General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, Baker Hughes, a GE Company

8:10 am Mitigating Risks of Iran’s Primary & Secondary Sanctions


• Limiting involvement to comply with changing OFAC sanctions
• Mitigating the impact of secondary sanctions on business operations
• De-risking re-entry into the Iranian market: service side and procurement considerations
• Checklist: required due-diligence for potential SDN matches

8:50 am Clarifying Goals of Recent US Trade Policy Developments


• Distinguishing policy aims: recognizing national security vs protectionist objectives
• Identifying trends in the international trade climate and planning for the future
• Realizing a long-term vision for the US’s international trade policy

9:30 am Morning Refreshments and Speed Networking

10:15 am Panel Discussion: Reconciling Conflicting Trade Sanctions when Working Internationally


  • Identifying and benchmarking pro-active approaches to managing regulatory clashes between US, EU, UK, US and Canadian, and other sanctions
  • Managing risk in the context of selective sanctions enforcement
  • Applying for licenses and waivers while preparing for sub-optimal scenarios
  • Checklist: safeguarding employees across the global supply chain

10:55 am Audience Discussion: Minimizing the Impact of Tariffs on Procurement Processes


• Managing long-term contracts while maintaining cost competitiveness
• Implementing compliance processes that move beyond reacting to emergencies
• Acquiring exclusions while exploring alternative mechanisms for tariff relief
• Checklist: organizational best practices in procurement of tariffed goods

11:45 am Lunch

12:45 pm Technical Roundtables


Attend 2 x 30 mins roundtables on niche topics including:

• Financial Compliance: Exploring Blockchain-based KYC Solutions
• Anti-Corruption Policy & FCPA Compliance
• Mitigating Cyber Risk in the Supply Chain
• ROI & Performance Management of Compliance Programs

Put forwards your idea for a new Roundtable topic – we’ll be asking for your help to create a strong shortlist in the weeks preceding the event!

1:45 pm Sustainability Regulations: Being a Company the World Wants to Exist


  • Background on how outsourcing and globalization caused a new environmental movement focused on supply chain transparency
  • Highlights of the top 5 supply chain regulations that are poised to reshape the oil and gas industry in 2019 and beyond
  • Strategies for preserving business continuity amidst escalating supply chain regulations

2:15 pm Afternoon Refreshments

2:35 pm Meeting Your Corporate Social Responsibility Requirements


• Recognizing trends towards CSR enforcement and identifying potential concerns
• Moving beyond human rights to promote local community integration
• Gaining support for CSR by recognizing value added and risks mitigated
• Checklist: building a CSR program that obtains buy-in across the supply chain

3:15 pm Embedding Modern Slavery Requirements into Compliance Processes


• Creating programs that avoid slavery when entering high-risk new markets
• Resolving human rights violations as they arise in different jurisdictions
• Developing systems for systematic reporting of disclosures
• Checklist: ensuring human rights compliance across the supply chain

3:55 pm Day One Closing Remarks

4:00 pm Close of Day One