Trade Compliance Workshops
Post-Conference: Friday April, 26 2019

Workshop 1                                                                           8:00

Anticipating Hidden Dangers and Unintentional Breaches of Russian Sanctions

Learn how to handle uncertainty surrounding application of evolving US sanctions and mitigate business risk from Russian retaliatory measures. This session includes a deep-dive on Ultimate Beneficial Ownership, and offers strategies for preventing unintentional breaches of sanctions and related contract specifications and financing requirements.

Workshop Leader:

Barbara Linney       



Workshop 2                                                                          10:30

Mitigating the Financial Impact of Venezuelan Sanctions

Learn strategies for dealing with the moving target posed by increasing sanctions and how to reduce the financial risk that arises from non-payment of debts. This session teaches you how to handle uncertainty around what business dealings are allowed, and how to do business in a compliant manner.

Workshop Leader:

Olga Torres      
Torres Law PLLC


Workshop 3                                                                          13:00

Navigating Primary and Secondary Iran Sanctions in a Pro-Enforcement Environment

Recent high profile enforcement actions have raised the stakes for compliance with primary and secondary Iran sanctions. This session provides opportunity to discuss and take lessons from recent enforcement actions. Learn about and avoid “intentional circumvention” and consider appropriate levels of third-party due diligence.

Workshop Leader:

Gray Stratton   

DLA Piper