April 24-26, 2018

Houston, TX


The impacts of increased globalization and increasing use of 3rd parties in the supply chain is exposing the Oil & Gas sector to more risk than ever before. Now in its 8th year, Oil & Gas Supply Chain Compliance 2018 brings together compliance and supply chain professionals from across the energy value chain to benchmark the design and implementation of programs to mitigate emerging financial and reputational regulatory risk.

The 2018 meeting will laser into emerging internal and 3rd party challenges in trade compliance and ethics, along with how these are being better integrated with more advanced anti corruption programs. Through case studies, panel discussions and peer-to-peer roundtables, the conference will explore the specifics of higher risk territories and how to improve training, automation and due diligence across the supply chain.

2018 program highlights include:

  1. Optimizing the Design and Implementation of Trade Compliance Programs to Protect Against Key Import/Export, Partial Sanctions, Boycott, Anti-Dumping, Anti-trust and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Risks and Trade Controls
  2. The Growing Importance of Sustainability, Ethics and Integrity, Including Focuses on Forced Labor and the UK Modern Slavery Act
  3. Mitigating Risks from Increasing 3rd party Interactions, Including Reputational, Financial and Data Privacy, Cybersecurity and Intellectual Property Protection Concerns
  4. Improving the Uptake of Compliance in the Supply Chain through Cultural Shifts, Training, Accountability and Automation
  5. Intersection of FCPA/Anti-Corruption with Trade Compliance and Ethics to Enable Comprehensive Corporate Protection
  6. Understanding Specific Supply Chain Challenges in High-Risk and Complex Territories, Including Russia, Venezuela, Kurdistan, Iran, Mexico and Latin America

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